Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Current Students and Prospective Students from across the US I introduce you to... ME

Hey Everyone!!

My name is Joshua Miranda and I am currently a first year at Saint Michael's College. There is only about 24 days until summer begins and I cannot believe the school year is almost over. Since I began here, people have been telling me that every year after your first year flies by, but even this year did. It is hard to think that in three short years I will leave this wonderful place and begin my future. Fortunately, I still have these 24 days and 3 years to live my life and be ME!

While I am not living in the GREAT city of Colchester, VT, I live in a small town in Rhode Island called Portsmouth. Portsmouth is one of the best places to be on Earth and I miss it so much sometimes when I am at school. As a student at Portsmouth High School, I was an avid student leader and participated/organized/helped out in as many events as possible, which truly helped me with the path I have taken at SMC. I have a supportive family back home who I still call/text everyday (yep I miss my mommy and other family a lot :) ). Summers in RI are great and often consist of daily beach relaxation (cannot wait). Although Patriot (our school mascot was the Portsmouth Patriot) blood still flows through my body, Purple and Gold Knight blood has mixed in.

Saint Michael's College is definitely the only place I would rather be if I were not at home. There is so much to do here and it is so easy to get involved. Currently I am a member of the Vision team for VITA (campus ministry), a member of the Core team for Move (Mobilization of Volunteer Efforts), Coordinator of International Outreach Homework Club (a refugee homework help program), Coordinator and Founder of Autism Awareness Week, Co-leader of Connections (small faith sharing group at SMC), and also participate in other on campus activities. I am an Elementary Ed and American Studies major with a Religious Studies minor (double major + minor = crazy life :) ). My passion is working with kids and helping them succeed in anything they want to.

I have loved my first year so far at St. Mike's (great teachers, great classes, and great friends) and look forward to continuing my next few years of college life at the greatest school ever!

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