Monday, April 26, 2010

Best of Weeks...Worst of Weeks

This time at school is a really difficult time - mentally, emotionally, and physically. First, since it is the end of the semester classes are crazy -- everyday it seems there are more and more assignments being handed out. To make it more difficult, it has been sunny so much and all my friends and I want to do is lay and/or play outside -- not homework. To add onto the stresses of homework, comes the stresses of leaving friends. In 5 days I will close my last box and move home. Moving home to me, is moving 1.5 hours away from my best friend and various amounts of hours from my other friends. Do not get me wrong, I am stoked to go home, but at the same time I love my friends here. To make leaving worse, I have become very close this week with a lot of people and now there really is not time to let things grow because now we will have a 3 month break. Also, last week was also physically demanded; back to back meetings, homework, classes, programs, and work led to little to no sleep. My body at times felt like it was going to give up, but it persevered and I made it to the weekend!!

THIS WEEKEND WAS THE BEST WEEKEND OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On Friday, my best friends and I watched a movie and spent a lot of  time together since it was my last weekend on campus. Friday night was an early night though because we all knew that the next day would be a long one. Saturday, was the best day of my life -- literally. Not only was it one of my best friends' birthday, but it was also PDAY. Pday stands for Preparation Day and it falls on the last Saturday before finals week. It is meant to provide a chance for all SMC students to come together and have fun. Whether its the friends, the inflatables, or the massive amounts of food, every one has a fun day on PDAY. I was able to work and make $100 by helping out the SA and running a couple of tables (token table and bubbles boot). This was the best $100 I have ever made!!!!!!!!!! The night of Pday a friend of mine asked me to watch the sunrise, and even though it would mean I would be up for more than 20 hours, I agreed. This was the best decision of my life, for now this friend has become another best friend. We were able to talk and share stories as the clock ticked to 6 am. After the sunrise, it was time to go to bed and I closed my eyes after the best day ever. 

I look forward to what this week will bring and look forward to sharing it with all of you. 


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